Burra, South Australia
'Field of Dreams' | Unique ID - PKP25
Field of Dreams Burra, South Australia

I had been to this location a number of years before to capture the photograph named "Time's Past", it was much dryer then. On this trip we drove from Whyalla without a real destination in mind but as we drove closer and closer to this area the hills became greener and greener. I thought that it would not hurt just to have a look at the old homestead again, just to see if things had changed.

We received permission from the land owner once again and in the fleeting last rays of light before a large low pressure system sets in, I capture this photograph. We did not see the sun for two days after this photograph was captured. Standing here with the wind pushing the long wheat around like a long carpet was a surreal experience.

Limited Edition Photograph | 200 Prints available only | Fujiflex Crystal Archive printing stock

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