Sizing - Paul Kowalski Photography


Find the right size piece for your wall

The following size information includes our photograph sizes in inches, the corresponding image size and overall framed size, in millimeters, so that you can easily gauge the size that will best suit your space. The overall framed sizes below are an estimate due to slightly differing frame profiles and are offered to assist with choosing sizes.

30 inch photograph | Image Size - 760mm by 250mm | Overall framed size - 930mm by 420mm

40 inch photograph | Image Size - 1010mm by 330mm | Overall framed size - 1250mm by 560mm

50 inch photograph | Image Size - 1270mm by 410mm | Overall framed size - 1500mm by 650mm

60 inch photograph | Image Size - 1520mm by 500mm | Overall framed size - 1800mm by 800mm

70 inch photograph | Image Size - 1770mm by 590mm | Overall framed size - 2050mm by 890mm

75 inch photograph | Image Size - 1900mm by 630mm | Overall framed size - 2180mm by 930mm

80 inch photograph | Image Size - 2030mm by 660mm | Overall framed size - 2330 mm by 955mm

Please note that each 'Image Size' above is relevant for our Facemount Acrylic framing sizes as they include no border and no frame.

We create landscape photographs. Have a project or a space you need to fill? We ssupply large scale printed photographs and digital images to a broad range of customers.

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