Fujiflex printing for Paul Kowalski


Supreme quality, tonal range and colour reproduction


Fujiflex Crystal Archive is a highly specialised and superior photographic material that offers a silver halide base which aids to produce exceptionally high quality, high gloss photographic prints that contain vivid colours and remarkable archival properties. We use this material exclusively for all of our photographic prints. This material is rated as having a life span, as an unframed photograph, of 40 years with no signs of degradation.

It is our first choice in photographic printing material as the results are simply stunning. All of our photographic prints are hand editioned, if limited, titled and signed by Paul.

FUJIFLEX - Technical Information

Unlike inkjet printing, printing to Fujiflex Crystal Archive is a specialised process using Chromira LED exposure technology. Photographs are not printed onto the Fujiflex polyester materials surface, they are exposed into the silver halide base with red, green and blue LED globes. The exposed Fujiflex is then processed in photographic chemistry to produce archival 'Digital C type' photographic prints that we feel show the true beauty of our landscape photographs.

When the process of Fujiflex printing is coupled with high resolution scans that we produce directly from our medium format film photographs, the end results are amazing. The ability to reproduce our photographs using these methods gives us the highest possible quality reproduction on the market.

For more information about Fujiflex Crystal Archive please visit the Fujifilm website by following this link - Fujifilm - Fujiflex

To find out more about how we frame this amazing product please follow this link to our framing page - Paul Kowalski Photography Framing


All of our photographs are available to be finshed as Facemount pieces. This is a process where the face of the photograph is mounted to 6mm acrylic with optically clear adhesive. The end result is beautiful and frameless. For this process, in all sizes, we use Fuji Metallic Pearl photographic paper. This is also not an inkjet printing process, through the same Chomira machine as for Fujiflex, the printing is performed using a special layer of metal oxide particles which are charged during the printing process. This material is very high gloss and takes on a life of its own once printing is complete, perfect for Facemounting.

Each Facemount that is printed is hand editioned, if limited, titled and signed by Paul.

To find out more about how we finish our Facemount photographs, visit this link to our framing advice - Paul Kowalski Photography Framing

All of our Fujiflex and Fuji Pearl printing is perfomred by CPL Digital in Melbourne, they do an amazing job.

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