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In the early morning light, when the sky lights up and all of natures elements come together, Paul opens the shutter on his camera and a special moment in time is recorded forever. In this moment, time as we know it slips away, nature is in full control of what happens and the emotion of the landscape is revealed.

Capturing wild, rare and beautiful places in nature through a camera lens allows Paul to express his vision of this world. He wants to show the unique beauty of the landscape in its different moods and offer the highest possible quality representation of what he sees when he is out in the wilderness so that others too can enjoy.

Paul's photographic journey started many years ago. He will always remember trying to capture photographs on a 35mm instamatic Ricoh camera with very little luck when he was very young. He use to take the camera out whilst regularly visiting his grandparents farming property near Wagga Wagga during thunder storms. Only to find that the films would come back from the lab with nothing on them. This was an important time in Paul's life, he learnt about the land but also enjoyed the freedom he experienced on the expansive property.

Paul's interest in photography subsided for many years through High School and College, he would often dabble for periods of time but he never really took it any further.

In July 2003 Paul was involved in a serious and near fatal accident where he was unable to work for a period of twelve months. During this time, Paul turned to photography again, though this time on a far more serious level. Paul felt a connection with the landscape that he had not experienced before in his life, a certain honesty. Paul loves the coastal and alpine regions of Australia and where ever he went during this period he took a 35mm Pentax SLR with him that his mother in law had bought back from overseas.

As the time passed Paul's interest in photography had turned into a very serious hobby. Paul loved landscape photography and decided then that he wanted to take photographs of the Australian landscape professionally. The teething process with the Pentax was spread over many years, with many rolls of film and many trips to different locations around Australia with Belinda, who would soon become Paul's wife.

It got to a stage where Paul was left wanting more form his photography. The 35mm format just wasn't enough, Paul wanted to print bigger and capture the landscape differently. In December of 2007 Paul purchased his very first panoramic camera. A Fotoman 617 dedicated panoramic film camera. The view from this camera seemed to fit like a glove for Paul and he knew that his photography had changed forever and that he would never look back. Three weeks later Paul and Belinda set off in their 80 series Toyota Landcruiser to go to the Great Ocean Road and The Flinders Ranges. This was a life changing trip for them both and something they will always remember. Life was simple on the road travelling and taking photographs, so many beautiful places captured with them both left wanting to do it all over again.

The following three years would see the Kowalski's travel exstensivley to re-shoot locations Paul already knew existed but also to many new places as well. Meanwhile, the understanding, appreciation and demand for Paul's photographic work was increasing. This period would also see the birth of their first beautiful daughter, Chloe, in August 2009, one of Paul's most amazing memories.

During Paul's first exhibition at the exclusive Bungendore Wood Works Gallery in 2010 Paul felt that the Bungendore area was perfectly suited to a gallery space all of his own. The seed was planted and the planning began.

In October of 2011 Paul, Belinda and Chloe traveled for nearly six weeks to South Australia. Another amazing journey of 10,000 km's with amazing experiences and immense beauty. Paul realised another of his long time dreams on this trip, to be able to travel as a professional photographer, for his own portfolio and for other companies, with his family.

In December of 2011 Paul and Belinda published their first Coffee Table Book - "Visions of Australia - A Photographic Journey". A beautifully presented, hard cover, cloth bound 128 page book that showcases some of Paul's most stunning photographic work. The demand for this stunning book has been amazing, in its third print run with copies being enjoyed all over the world.

The next stage of progression was created in March 2012 when Paul found a space in The Village Square in Bungendore, New South Wales. Both he and Belinda decided then that it was time to set up their own gallery space to show people the real power of Paul's photographic work. They both wanted to set up a gallery where the real beauty of nature could be felt on the walls, a place to escape and relax. Whilst this was all happening Paul and Belinda also welcomed the latest amazing edition to their family when beautiful Liliana was born, around a week before setting up the gallery, adding to Paul's most amazing memories. Paul also quit his job as an Executive Business Analyst. The long term dream was becoming a reality and Paul was now able to focus all of his time on his growing family and business.
The response to the gallery has been overwhelming with the demand for Paul's work escelating. Paul is one of Australia's up and coming landscape photographers, the new generation who love to capture landscape photographs on film.

In March of 2014 Paul would realise potentially his biggest dream so far when his family would travel to Western Australia for a three month photography trip that would prove to be one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. To be able to travel for that period together was invaluable, the photographic results were among some of the best Paul has ever created and at the same time the gallery in Bungendore was thriving. Paul and his family are now working towards another big trip, with plans to head up the center of Australia and over to the Kimberly for an extended period in 2016.

Paul is extremely meticulous and passionate about his landscape photography work and immensly enjoys being able to share the experience with others. Paul has some big plans for the coming years so watch this space closely.

Paul would also like to thank the people that have supported him to no end in the journey so far, his wife Belinda, his eldest daughter Chloe, his youngest daughter Lili and his mother Judy. Without them the journey would not have been possible.
Yes Paul is still using FILM

One of the most distinct and talked about aspects of Paul's photograhy is that he is still using medium format film for all of his landscape photography work. Film has an artistry, a challanging aspect that keeps Paul coming back to it. It also has a quality, a depth and colour reproduction qualities that Paul loves. Film also forces Paul to slow down and that is one of the main reasons Paul enjoys taking landscape photographs so much, the ability to escape.

It is not uncommon for Paul to travel for weeks without knowing if he has achieved any photographs because he has to get his films developed. When Paul and his family travelled to Western Australia it took five months for Paul to see the results of the trip in his films on his lightbox. These factors change the way Paul takes landscape photographs, he has to be exact, extremely calculated, the conditions have to be perfect, only then can the shutter be pressed.
Each photograph is selected with distinct measure as to be part of the portfolio. The film then has to be high resolution scanned and colour managed so it can be printed. Paul performs all of the scanning and colour management himself.

What Camera?

Paul uses a medium format panoramic 617 film camera to capture all of his landscape photographs. This camera offers a very wide angle lens, which gives him the opportunity to photograph the landscape as our eye views it. This camera is completely manual, is tailor made for panoramic landscape photography and the photographic quality it creates is simply stunning.

A very important aspect of Paul's landscape photography is to create a truthful representation of what he sees through his own eyes when each photograph is captured. This means that very little manipulation is performed whilst capturing, displaying and printing a photograph so that he can ensure that what is seen in the photograph is natural.

We create landscape photographs. Have a project or a space you need to fill? We ssupply large scale printed photographs and digital images to a broad range of customers.

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