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What is involved in creating our premium art pieces

Framing is another side of Paul Kowalski Photography, we take a hands on approach to framing and we are very strict about performing the framing production work for all of our own photographs where required. This is to ensure that each piece is cared for using the highest quality in workmanship and materials. We have spent years perfecting the frames, matteboards, acrylic and processes that we use today to create stunning pieces that will last generations. We are very proud to offer a one stop shop in regards to control, from capturing the photographs to presenting clients with their completed, ready to hang art works, with the assurance that we control and undertake every part of the framing production process.


We offer a range of options with our traditional framing in regards to frames and matteboard types and colours. This style of framing involves press mounting our photographs to pure aluminium, surrounding the mounted photograph with an archival matte board, covering the assembly with acrylic and then completing the process with a beautiful, hand crafted frame.


We also offer this style of framing which creates a stunning modern look with plenty of dimension through the piece. Facemount framing involves press mounting the face of our photographs directly to 6mm acrylic using a specialised adhesive. The back of the assembly is completed by applying a 3mm aluminium bond panel and an aluminium sub frame for strength and hanging purposes.

Moulding - We offer two types of mouldings (frames), professionally finished lengths from Megawood-Larson Juhl and hand crafted hard wood lengths from Uneke Furniture. We cut and join each frame to precision, making sure it will offer stability and luxury to the photograph assembly it surrounds.

Matteboards - All of our matte boards are sourced from Megawood-Larson Juhl and offer acid free, archival properties to ensure no degradation to photographs. Each matte board is hand cut by us to offer colour, protection and dimension to the finished product.

Acrylic - We only use 3mm and 6mm Shinkolite when framing, it offers 98% protection against harmful UV rays and is extremely flat with beautiful clarity, it also doesn't shatter like glass.

Framing is all undertaken by us and is often created on a custom basis, please allow four to six week production time.

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