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Paul Kowalski

The past 16 years has seen Paul Kowalski photograph and celebrate the Australian landscape. For him, landscape photography is not only a passion and a craft, it is a way to connect with the land and the bigger picture. Paul's interest for photography started when he was young, on his grandparents farm. Paul would spend a lot of time there in his younger years, working with his grandfather but also learning about life, the land and pure hard work. Memories of chasing lightning at night through summer are never too far from the forefront of Paul's mind, it was the beginning of the journey.

For years after that point Paul would dabble in photography but it wasn't until 2003 that he became really serious. In that year Paul's life changed, a serious accident would show Paul that life is short and that he had to follow his dreams. Becoming a professional landscape photographer was the dream and Paul set to work, making it a reality. He spent a very influential twelve months through 2003 and 2004 with a Pentax 35mm film SLR, travelling and trying to learn as much about photography as possible.

In 2007 Paul came to a cross roads with his photography. He wanted to produce large scale prints that could bring people into the scene. It was time to take a different path, time to re-invest and change. Paul had his eye on the panoramic format, he invested in a much larger film camera to produce much larger film photographs. This format really took Paul to another place with results that were just amazing.

In 2012 some large scale and life changing events occured. Paul quit his corporate job and set up his first gallery space in Bungendore in country New South Wales, not far from his home in Canberra. The space is a dream come true and allows Paul to create an experience for people to view and purchase his exclusive work. At its very core, the gallery is a haven to showcase landscape photography at the highest level using the highest quality materials.


Paul and his family have treveled Australia extensively over the past 10 years to create a portfolio of landscape photographs from amazing locations to suit all tastes. The Horizon Project has seen the team travel to the west and to the north of the country in the past 4 years on serious, dedicated photography journeys. These journeys have created amazing experiences, photograph results and amazing memories.


Paul still uses medium format film exclusively for his landscape photography work. For Paul, it is a challenge that yields huge rewards in the aspects of reproduction quality and photography approach and refinement.

The future is bright with planned travel and new projects, such as Stomping Ground, video production and behind the scenes footage. All in the aim to continue to work and capture the many moods and ecosystems of Australia as a photographer.

Paul still uses his dedicated panoramic film camera exclusively for all of his landscape photography work, the process, the chase and the result are ever important.

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