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A photography project of a lifetime

Australia would have to hold some of the most diverse and emotive places in the world. For this reason the idea of travelling this vast country to take landscape photographs is still a dream of ours and something that we will always do. The last three years has seen us travel a lot of this country and we have experienced and photographed some of the most iconic and amazing places possible. The HORIZON PROJECT encompasses this entire land but given the size and travelling times we decided to break our big trips up into time slots of three to four months and travel every couple of years. This is an incredible way to live our lives, with our down time back at home, filled with running our business, planning for the next big trip and releasing new photographs. So far this project has been an enriching experience as we travel exclusively as a family of four, it is the only way we will do it so that we can have this experience together, it is far more than a photography trip.

NORTHERN HORIZON | April to July 2016

Northern Horizon was BIG, there is no other way to put it. We covered just on 20,000 kilometers in four months and experienced what can only be described as amazing diversity in Australia. We saw some of the driest places in Australia's arid center and some of the wettest over in the Tropics around Cairns. We started this trip by heading across to South Australia to Moonta, we then made our way up the center to Lake Eyre and then through Uluru, Kings Canyon and into the West MacDonnell Ranges.

From there we would hit the Gibb River Road in the Kimberley and spent the next month taking in the amazing places such as Mitchell Falls, Purnululu, Cape Leveque and much more. We then we headed back into the Northern Territory and across to Cairns. We dotted our way down the East Coast and arrived home to a cold winter. This was a life changing trip for us all and one that we will cherish forever.


WESTERN HORIZON | March to June 2014

It is impossible to put into any form of explanation just how incredible our Western Horizon trip was, three months on the road as a family would see us travel to the most amazing places and have an unforgettable experience. In early March of 2014 we left, getting into the car that day to start our trip was surreal just in itself, knowing that for the next three months we would be gone, as free as a bird with nothing but the horizon to guide us. We headed west across the Nullarbor to Esperance, we then took in the amazing greater South West.

It was time to head north to Perth and then Karijini and Exmouth, breathtaking. Reaching our most northerly point at Exmouth, we headed south along the coast to Cervantes and then east back along the Nullarbor to get home. Life is full of experiences and for us this was one of the best.


There is always somewhere new to see, next year we are off to Tasmania for a few months.

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